Overclocked 2 meets the Water Cooling Project


What happens when you take a K6-2 450, a cheap water block, a junk radiator, and some rubber tubing...

On this page I have some pictures of the case and some of the other parts of the setup. When I get around to it, I'll be putting on a new block and peliter(found out one of my small ones is cracked and aren't powerful enough), and I may do some extra additions to the case. This project ended up being not that hard, even though I did find corrosion on my CPU pins, but I knew that was gonna happen. With the new peliter I'll have to really work on keeping the air out of the socket zone.
The images above and to the left are the only case modifcations that I have and are purely functional.
The above two images are of the waterblock and my homemade clamp...it works,  I swear!
The shots above and to the left are the radiator in its mounted configuration and a really tight shot(it is tight in there!) of the fans mounted on the radiator.
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