Overclocked 2 meets the Water Cooling Project


What happens when you take a K6-2 450, a cheap water block, a junk radiator, and some rubber tubing...

The peliters I am using are from a very old Ice Cooler from the early 80s(I found an ad for the cooler!). I don't know the wattage on them but I would guess between 30-40 watts because they are 4 amp 12-14 volt peliters. I'm also guessing they are 30mm units and are almost the exact size of the center of my K6 metal cap. They get hella cold when I tested them. I'm gonna try and get a 40mm unit with a higher wattage because I don't believe the current units are able to take the heat away under heavy load.
Update - I've ditched the peliters as they couldn't handle the heavy load of the CPU, plus they broke since they were a good 20 years old. But I will get another one as the temp at 2.6v is quite high and I'd like to lower it to 2.4-2.5 at 600 or higher instead. Plus my feet don't like being cold.

 When you're using peliters, you better make sure you have proper cooling and enough power to power them, luckly these aren't that powerful, but I picked up a 300WATT powersupply recently to handle the new peliter I'm gonna try and put in the setup.
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