Overclocked 2 meets the Water Cooling Project


What happens when you take a K6-2 450, a cheap water block, a junk radiator, and some rubber tubing...

The object of this project was to build a self-contained water cooled computer. I actually thought about water cooling around the time of the first  Kryotech systems. I wanted to put copper tubing through the heatsink fins on my K6 233. That was as far as that went. Now comes the present and it seems that everyone and their mother are building water coolers. Now amongst my friends, I am the hardware freak, so in order for me to complete my portfolio I must build device of DOOM!

The system was overclocked to 550 with a standard heatsink on a ASUS P5A motherboard with 64megs of PC100 ram at 5.5x multiplier and 100MHz FSB. With a the peliters I had, I so far have gotten 600MHz at 100MHz FSB with my hard drives being a problem(One is DMA 33 and the other isn't. My goal is 600MHz or higher. I'm hoping to get a 60 WATT or higher peltier to make the temperature more stable. And if you're wondering...this page looks wrong in Internet Explorer.

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OverClocked-2 ready for Lan Parties with its strap and handle
This is my machine. Its named OverClocked 2(OC-2). OverClocked 1(OC-1) was my first real computer which was a Pentium 100 running at 120MHz(This was before overclocking got real big), a K6-233(couldn't do 266MHz though), to my now dead(don't ask) K6-300 which was last running at 333MHz. The strap and handle are for when I go to lan parties with my friends.
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