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I've plan to split this section up into parts. Follow the links below to each part of the build of this robot.

Motor Control Information

Design Plans for Knuckle Up

Pneumatics Setup

Controlling the "Beast"

I've decided to build my own speed controller in the meantime. Go here for information about speed controllers and how to build them and other information.

I use a 3D program called trueSpace to mock up what I want the robot to be. You can see some of the images here. They are basically the blueprints if you will of how to put this thing together. Things may be added as I go along.

Since I'll be using pneumatics for the main weapon I will have a section on the basics that I will learn and links to sites that have useful information as well. You can read about that here.

A major question of concern for most of these machines and the competitions they enter is how they are being controlled. I'll go into some options here and which one I will most likely go with.