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Pneumatics Setup

For the main(and possibly only) weapon I have chosen to use pneumatics to power the weapon. Since the weapon isn't really a weapon, but more of an offensive/defensive tool, it will fairly non-leathal when it is used. The "scoop" will use 2 2-3 inch bore pneumatic cylinders at 125-150 PSI of pressure. This should give me a decent amount of lifting(throwing) power.

In order to achieve the action that is desired for this "weapon", I need to have 2 double action cylinders. These cylinders have 2 ports on each end that you I will need to connect to a solenoid. The bottom port will be for extend and the top port will be for retract. To make the cylinders function using an R/C interface I will need to use a 5/2 valve. This valve will allow me to control the extend and retract action easily and electronically.

Since this sort of thing involves high pressure, rated cylinders will be required. You could build your own cylinders if you know how which was done in the past and by some of the UK builders. This is not recommended if you are going to compete in BattleBots as the rules require either tested cylinders or retail cylinders that have the ratings clearly written upon them.

A means of storing the CO2 is also required. A pressure tank with at least a 1000 PSI rating is required by most competitions since CO2 is usually stored as a liquid at 750 PSI. Also the CO2 will be in liquid form so it won't be measured by its PSI rating but by its weight. BattleBots has recently changed their rules to required for certain weight classes that they are limited to a certain weight of CO2 for their pneumactis system. For my weight class that I plan to enter under I will be limited to 6 lbs of CO2.