TRS-4U2 Pictures
  Dome Shot  
Trash Can Shot
Trash Can and Prototype Base
  Dome and Prototype Base
  Prototype Base Shot 1   Prototype Base Shot 2   Prototype Base Shot 3   Prototype Base Shot 4
Homebrew BS2 PCB  
Homebrew BS2 kit
BASIC Stamp 2 PIC unit
Free Logic Probe!
L298N Dual H-Bridge IR LEDs, we don't need no LEDs! I'll get the IRPD unit done... Encoders would be nice
I can see the light!
Dude, i'm in 3D!!!
It's as tall as one of my tower cases!
Them some huge wheels.
Clear as day.
Roll'n, Roll'n, Roll'n down the hallway.
The red button!!! And the Homebrew BS2 of course.
Really good shot with my teacher's digital camera.
Thats one of them there Radio Shack 12v 4ah batteries.
Really blurry shot with my teacher's digital camera
Top/Front of Battery, Homebrew BS2 and Switches.
The robots gonna get ya!
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