My TNT 2 Ultra Maxi Gamer Xentor 32 Mod

I just got this card from a friend(he got a GF2MX today in the mail), so I decided that the little ass heatsink fan combo was not enough. At first I thought that a nice 120mm Panaflo fan I had laying around would be just right, but it was too large for the heatsink. So instead I decided on a Flomax fan I had laying around. Here is the picture I took before installing it.

Lucky for me I have the room in my case since one of my PCI cards caught fire. See here and here ). With this mod I think the card should easily be able to do 600MHz Core 730MHz memory without breaking a sweat. With a 80 watt peliter I think I could pull 1GHz for each. When I get a chance I'm proably gonna fix it where it covers the memory chips as well and it should hit 1.5GHz, better than that new fangled P4 chip I saw.

* Note: This is a joke, BUT, I can make this happen with a few nylon screws and my trusty drill stand(s). But I'll proably use another heatsink as this one would require the removal of some fins in order to keep the horizontal mounting as the current holes in the heatsink would make it mount diagonal. But the heatsink does have the ability to cover EVERYTHING on the video card.